Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Reunion!

So we took a plane to Nauvoo, Ill. for our family reunion but, after many hours waiting for a plane to show up.....................
And still more waiting.......................and thinking that every plane that they could see was ours!
We did finally make it to Nauvoo, Ill. and the fudge factory was the only thing that made it better the next morning. It took our family 13 hours to fly from Dallas, TX to Nauvoo, Ill. The Perkins family does not like American Airlines anymore.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 2009!

Well July has come and gone! And it has to be said, the summer has flown by REALLY.

We started the month out with the Independence Day celebration. We had lots to eat, lots of swimming, and a evening on the golf course with fire works. The kids had a blast and Larry and I enjoyed the day to our selfs with our children. Very relaxing!

Not very much time until FAMILY REUNION!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

S0 Its JUNE and Gunner turns 9! I cannot believe it. He had a small party at home. But got some BIG things. He has been shooting alot. He has been training with a coach so he got another new gun, shooting stuff, water gun, wallet, money, gift cards, and more "stuff". We are so happy he came to live at our house with us. Happy Birthday "G"

NEXT....... is Addy and her dance recital! It was an event. It was her first recital and first year to take dance and she loved it. The day was a full event with a fire in the school for the rehearsal and a tornado during that actual recital. In the end it all worked out and she had a great time.

          "Before"              "After"

We also took a short vacation to Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, TX. We all loved it. We had a boat and a jet ski. The kids could swim at the resort or in the lake. Gunner and Bella both loved the rides on the boat, not so much for Addy, "the lake is dirty and nasty". She only wanted to ride IN the boat and swim in the pools.
Then we had our other birthday! Bella is 2! She also 
We all were super excited and tried to explain to her what the day was about! She also had a little party at home. She did get to go swimming all day, one of her favorite things. We love all love her a bunch and are very happy she made her way to our house.                

Now we are busy getting ready for July. Family reunion, summer camp, another vacation, and lots of swimming!!!! Stay tuned..........

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So Grandma turns 64!!! Gunner and I decided 64 was not a fun number but 4 is.  I invited Grandma to my house for some birthday fun. We had mani/pedi, lunch, facials, more lunch, house shopping, (mom really likes that one), and dinners, not all in that order. I hope she had a great birthday. We really love Grandma.

The girls are finishing with their school year. I cannot believe it is almost over. It will be a fun summer, I hope!
We have been doing all the usual end of the year stuff, like field day! I am room mom so I get to do all the work. I has been fun to be involved, or at least that is what I keep telling myself! Gunner's class is really fun. His teacher is super. It is her first year to teach. I hope we broke her in easy.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday before Church. 

April (MY BIRTHDAY!!!)

He wants to do it all him self. Larry stands back to supervise, but he is doing well. Gunner will be 9 on June 1st, I can't believe it.  This is a three day shoot. There are three stations and you shoot ten at each. The goal is to kill all thirty. 

So Gunner is shooting, and is very good at it!!! Mommy came to stay with the girls so I could go watch him at a shoot. Papa, Granny, Larry, Gunner, and I all went to Shreveport, LA. Gunner won First place in the Jr. Division, again. Its alot of fun to see him shoot. his nick name is "Dead Eye Perkins", and rightfully so. We are well pleased. After we all came home Daddy came down and we all went to Truelucks for dinner for my birthday! That place is the best lots of sea food fresh, they have their own fishing boats and only Truelucks people handle their food. I'm glad Daddy and Mommy were able to spend some time with me on my birthday! Thanks guys.......

April (MY BIRTHDAY!!!)

So my Birthday has come and gone. We had a good Easter and had an even better egg hunt. The girls went to the Country Club and found eggs everywhere. They had a great time.

Gunner missed out on the egg hunt, he was playing base ball.
He has had alot of fun playing this year. He has really become a good batter. He played the out field because he always stops the ball, doesn't mean he always get the ball to where it needs to be, just means he always stops it. I'm glad he played this year.